The Diamond Grading Course allows the development of a complete knowledge of diamonds. The aim of the course is to provide each student with the ability to identify and classify any diamond. The course focuses on the International Diamond Grading System and the 4Cs.
On this course students will learn how to classify the diamond 4Cs consistently, to understand the diamond formation, mining and marketing and treatments they are subjected to in order to improve color and clarity and separate diamonds from their most common imitations.
The course can be attended as either resident or as distance learning, with morning or evening classes.

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to gain knowledge of pearls and analytical capabilities.
At the end of the course students will be able to determine pearl quality using the 7 value factors (size, shape, color, luster, surface quality, nacre quality and matching), identify various treatments, identify the imitations and explain the value, the beauty and quality of all types of pearls.
The course can be attended as either resident or as distance learning, with morning or evening classes.

This course allows students to acquire the skills to identify a huge variety of gems, and grade their quality, rarity and color, and also learn the most effective method of identification and grading.
Thanks to the Colored Stone Course students will be able to identify hundreds of different gemstones, apply the international grading systems for colored stones, determine whether a gem is natural, treated or synthetic and identify the geographic origin of a gemstone.
The course can be attended either as resident or as distance learning.

The Complete Gemologist Program provides a complete knowledge in the diamond, colored stone and pearl fields, through lectures and laboratory practice that aim to teach the identification and grading of all types of gemstones. The program consists of three independent modules that can also be taken separately: the Diamond Grading Course, the Colored Stones Course and the Pearl Grading Course.
The program is an introduction to careers such as laboratory analyst, auction house expert, professional buyer, jeweler, wholesaler and/or retailer.
The course can be attended as either resident or distance learning.


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