GECI Lab launches the new Melee Testing Service

GECI Lab launches the new Melee Testing Service

Ethics and transparency are the cornerstones of GECI activities, leading Lab to offer cutting-edge services in order to answer to the even more specific market needs.

Indeed, GECI is constantly paying attention to the safeguard of the pipeline and Lab is enlarging the vast range of services with the new Melee Testing Service, granting to all the industry operators the maximum reliability and professionalism in synthetic diamond identification, also in parcels of small diamonds.

Melee Testing Service is composed of two different levels of analysis: Preliminary Screening and Referral Testing.

Preliminary Screening consists of a rapid identification of synthetic diamonds in melee parcels, carried out with the Automated Melee Screening Machine (AMS). The AMS system has been design and create in IIDGR research lab, International Institute of Diamond Grading and & Research, part of The De Beers Group of Companies, and provided with exclusive license to GECI Lab for the Italian market.

The analyzed stones may have the following characteristics:

  • Cut: Round Brilliant Cut
  • Color: D – L
  • Carat Weight: 0.011 – 0.200 ct

The AMS checks the stones with a double spectroscopic analysis, in order to grant the highest accuracy and precision in the results.

Thanks to Preliminary Screening stones are divided in three categories:

  • PASS: diamonds identified as natural diamonds.
  • REFER: diamond showing characteristics comparable to synthetic diamonds and requiring further tests.
  • NON-DIAMOND: stones identified as diamond simulants.

Once Preliminary Screening is made, according to customers request, Referral Testing can be proceeded. A further stone-by-stone analysis in order to analyzing REFER stones and dividing them in three categories:

  • DIAMONDS: diamonds identified as natural diamonds.
  • SYNTHETIC DIAMONDS: diamonds identified as synthetic diamonds.
  • INDETERMINABLE: stones showing characteristics advanced analysis are not applicable on

At the end of the analysis, parcels are sealed in plastic transparent bags with Security System, reporting the total weight and the number of stones.

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