Diamond Grading Course starting on October 17, 2016

Diamond Grading Course starting on October 17, 2016

The most important gem, a masterpiece of nature: diamond will be the focus of the next course scheduled by GECI Gemological Institute in Milan. Indeed, on the 17th October 2016, the Diamond Grading Course will start and it will allow participants to gain a complete knowledge about the most brilliant gem in the world.

Students will develop the skills to identify and, mostly, classify a diamond, highlighting the international Diamond Grading System and the 4Cs, the fundamental characteristics a diamond is evaluated on. Besides, the detail studies about diamond treatments, processes of synthesis, formation and an overall view of the current market of this incredible gem will be accompanied by deep practical activities in GECI classrooms, through the use of cutting-edge instruments and one of the richest didactic gems collection in Europe.

At the end of the course, participants will receive the Diamond Grader Diploma, which enable them to start exciting professional path in different stage of the jewelry pipeline, such as Lab analyst, jeweler, buyer in local companies or well-known international brands and the jewelry manager in action houses.

Diamond Grandig Course represents the first module of Master in Gem & Jewelry Management, a wide educational path aiming at preparing the future protagonists who will operate in the fascinating gem and jewlery world, developing the knowledges and the skills to face the new market challenges and to start a rewarding career in luxury industry.

After diamonds, indeed, colored gemstones will be the protagonists of the next Module, the Colored Stone Course. Participants will receive the Colored Stone Grader Diploma, that together with the Diamond Grader Diploma allow to obtain the Gemologist Diploma, recognized internationally. Gemology will give way to jewelry history and design, marketing and communication for the industry.


Where: Milan, city center
When: from October 17, 2016
How long: 7 weeks
Attendance: full time
Scholarship: yes

For further information contact us at education@geci-web.com

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