President’s Interview

Having worked in the gem and jewelry industry for the past 25 years and with an acute awareness of the changing nature of the market, Alberto Osimo decided to branch out and start a new project that built on his existing knowledge and experience. The impending financial crisis, coupled with the lack of an international reference point for Italian gemology, led to Alberto’s creation of a gemological laboratory based on honest and ethical gemology.
‘I have gained considerable knowledge in the gem and jewelry industry, and I am very proud that my institute will offer the same opportunities to thousands of people from around the world. I feel that I am playing my part in the revival of the world of gemology, a world that I firmly believe in. I also believe in objective, rather than subjective certification backed by state-of-the-art technology, with a team of highly skilled gemologists for the protection of the consumer. In my view, a strong marketing team composed of highly qualified personnel is also essential.
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The initial phase, when we established the Laboratory, the program of education and the nature of the research that we would undertake, was very delicate. Together with Fabio D'Amico, now CEO of GECI and formerly manager of the GIA in Italy for 15 years, we decided from the outset that ethics would be our focus. Françoise Izaute, recognized the value of the project and, because of the credibility of the GECI people, has joined the Board of Directors and is responsible for the Marketing Department.
I would like to emphasize that one of the cornerstones of GECI is absolute transparency throughout the whole grading process, making it impossible for anyone to influence any result. The software system that GECI has chosen to use is the same as that used by the world’s most important institute. The software is based on the anonymity of the client and is an intelligent system that will not allow any of the gemologists to know the opinions of other analysts, so, at the end of every analysis, the result is completely impartial.
I passionately believe in my ‘creation’ and I invite all the trade operators to test it and recognize the dedication and professionalism that we put into our work every day. Some colleagues have already done so, and we have always shown ourselves to be ready to rise to the occasion.

The President
Alberto Osimo